Ceiling Fixture Style Guide


Ceiling fixture styles are perhaps one of the most often overlooked aspects of home décor. It’s easy to see why. Many people get so caught up in the euphoria of selecting just the right colors for the walls and the perfect furniture ensemble to complement the room that they simply take the ceiling for granted. Often, the decisions concerning ceiling fixtures are not even finalized until after the rest of the room is nearly complete – and the decorating budget almost depleted. This is why it is always useful to have the help of a professional decorator to ensure that you don’t neglect these important details.

This Little Light of Mine

Ceiling Fixture Styles The tragic part of all this is that ceiling fixture styles have quite a lot to say about our individual tastes and preferences when it comes to the lighting in our homes. Every home needs light, and the day when homeowners could simply light a few candles or lanterns to illuminate their homes – without raising more than a few eyebrows among any guests they might be entertaining – has long since passed. Today’s modern lighting systems are often as much about form as they are about function. For that reason, ceiling fixture styles vary dramatically and offer you an almost endless number of options for lighting the rooms in your home.

Planning Your Lighting

The key to successfully incorporating the very best of the many ceiling fixture styles available is to properly plan the ambiance you intend to create. Whichever style you choose is going to create a mood within each room of the home that should complement the furniture and other décor. And while lighting is not necessarily the most expensive fixture decision you will have to make in your remodeling or decorative efforts, it is still costly enough that you want to be sure that you do it right the first time.

The Fundamentals of Ceiling Fixtures

From a fundamental standpoint, the various ceiling fixture styles are pretty simple to understand. They vary in style from classic traditional décor to the latest in modern technology. Various styles use space in different ways, which is an important thing to understand since you use your various rooms for different things as well. You simply don’t want or need the same type of lighting in your kitchen and laundry that you want in your family room or bedroom.

Ceiling Fixture Size Matters

Size is another important consideration when evaluating ceiling fixture styles. Both the size of the space to be lit and the lights themselves will usually be determining factors in deciding which options are the best ones for any given room. Chandeliers generally work best in large, high-ceilinged rooms, while they would be quite ineffective in most kitchens and bathrooms. The latter can prove especially difficult since the presence of mirrors can often have a strong impact on how light diffuses within the room.

The Basic Lights

Once you have a good understanding of the ceiling fixture styles that will best fit your home, your next step is to evaluate and choose from the many different lighting options available. This is the part that excites so many homeowners, as they get to choose from a variety of lights – everything from lit ceiling fans to chandeliers to the most modern track light systems. Whether you choose to have your lights recessed into the ceiling or mounted in a hanging fashion, the fact is that the lights you choose for each room will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your overall lighting décor. However, if you have take the time to properly evaluate each of the important aspects of your home’s lighting, then the ceiling fixture styles you choose will only add to the overall ambiance of your home.