Ceiling Fixtures


Whether you are simply redecorating your home or completely remodeling it, it’s sometimes difficult to know when your desire for perfection has reached the point where it overshadows the finer aspects of basic aesthetics. Many times, the homeowner’s desire for the latest and greatest in modern amenities, ceiling fixtures, and showy features can lead to a design that is simply too busy to be attractive. We’ve all seen those homes that have suffered from this phenomenon. Too many fixtures of every kind can quickly cause any home design to appear gaudy and over-thought.

Ceiling Fixtures Since you don’t really want to overwhelm the underlying design elements within your décor, you have to be careful to not overdo each room’s finishing touches. Nowhere is this truer than in the area of ceiling fixtures, which can literally make or break the overall ambiance of any room. Understanding the various types of fixtures available to you is an important part of ensuring that you select wisely when it comes to these all-important elements of the home. Here is a brief look at some of the most common choices with which you will be faced when trying to make this important decision.

Forget the Bare Bulb

Today’s lighted ceiling fixtures are a far cry up the home décor evolutionary ladder from the simple ceiling bulb of many decades ago. Today’s choices are broader than ever, and enable you to find just the right fixtures for your lighting needs. One popular choice with builders seems to be the frosted globe. Simple in its design, it is best used in duty rooms like the laundry or pantry, since it is not the most aesthetically pleasing design around. Chances are your home probably already has – or had – some of these lights on the ceiling that were placed there during the initial construction. There’s an even greater chance that you want to replace them!

The Downlight Option

A more popular lighting choice is the downlight. These ceiling fixtures are often found set into recessed areas in the ceiling and can either focus light directly onto certain areas of a wall, or be angled to shine their light on a bookcase or other specific target. Floodlights and spotlights are both available options, depending upon the intensity of the light you desire. For those who don’t want to actually cut the ceiling to install downlights, another variation on the theme is to use mounted downlights that are attached to the existing ceiling and painted to blend in perfectly with it.

The classic edge

Of course, no discussion of ceiling fixtures would be complete without at least mentioning the time-proved chandelier. These fixtures have been around seemingly forever, and are considered by many people to be the height of ceiling beauty. How many of us haven’t paused to admire a beautiful chandelier in a home or restaurant setting? Suspended above your dining room set, the chandelier brings elegance and beauty to any home. Available in everything from the finest crystal to modern plastic, the chandelier is a classic that has retained its place in modern home décor.

Get modern

The most popular type of ceiling fixtures these days is track lighting. Using a metal rack, this ceiling attachment has a number of spots on its track to which you can affix separate lighting fixtures. The advantage to track lighting is obvious: the inserted lights can be swapped out for others at any time, enabling you to redecorate your ceiling fixtures whenever you desire. Track lighting provides the best of many worlds with its flexibility and easy to change lighting choices.